Rush – Concert Tech Documentary

Geek Out Alert… Rush geek + sound tech geek.

How many watts per side? 200,000 watts. Whoa.

Rush sound tech documentary from the Snakes and Arrows tour. This is just part 1 of 7. I know I couldn’t stop at just 1.


Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart

In 1983 I probably thought this video was awesome. The song certainly was awesome. And it still is.

But watching the video is painful. How many hours did Jon Anderson work on those sweet moves. Ouch. The side to side swaying looks live a nervous 6 year old in a Christmas play. I get that video may have been new, but these guys were already veteran rockers. Someone, please give the man a microphone so he doesn’t feel naked.

It is this discomfort that I love about the video. They are human… not the superstar polished images we see today. These guys are musicians first and it shows.