Jeff Porcaro

I loved Jeff Porcaro before I ever realized who he was. Toto IV was huge in my teen-aged life. Later I came to love Steely Dan.

It wasn’t until the day that Mr Porcaro died that I realized who he was. It was the drummer in my band who was ultra-depressed the day the news broke. When I realized who was behind all these great tunes that I too was in awe of his work.

So how is it I never knew he was part of Sonny and Cher? All these years. I used to watch Sonny and Cher with  my mother when I was a young lad. And sitting back there on the kit is a 18-19 year old Jeff Porcaro.

I don’t love the song. I wouldn’t give it another listen, but to see Porcaro back there as a teen ager is amazing. And thanks to Apple Music I have been rediscovering classic Toto.


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