Jeff Porcaro

I loved Jeff Porcaro before I ever realized who he was. Toto IV was huge in my teen-aged life. Later I came to love Steely Dan.

It wasn’t until the day that Mr Porcaro died that I realized who he was. It was the drummer in my band who was ultra-depressed the day the news broke. When I realized who was behind all these great tunes that I too was in awe of his work.

So how is it I never knew he was part of Sonny and Cher? All these years. I used to watch Sonny and Cher with  my mother when I was a young lad. And sitting back there on the kit is a 18-19 year old Jeff Porcaro.

I don’t love the song. I wouldn’t give it another listen, but to see Porcaro back there as a teen ager is amazing. And thanks to Apple Music I have been rediscovering classic Toto.


Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye

Everyone knows and loves his rendition of “Hallelujah.” But this is his best song. The audio doesn’t do the song justice, but the video shocks me at how young he looked… and how quickly it was all over.

I am including a second rendition with better audio just because he was such a great.


My latest favorite band with my favorite song. Has all the elements of perfection. Makes this middle-aged man happy that rockers past their prime can still crank it out with a fresh sound.

dUg Pinnick

Tupelo Music Hall. What a great venue.

Great audio here. Maybe better than the live show. I can hear the bass. Live I could only feel it along with some low growling noises.

Go Wally.

Bartlett, Archibald, DiCenso

The always difficult to find Bruce Bartlett. You can find him on any given late night in Cambridge, but on YouTube… nothing. Bruce does not like to get recorded (right Steve?).

And DiCenso… get your free drum lesson here from one of the best.

The video isn’t much to watch if you want to see Bruce in action, but that ain’t really why we’re here. For setting a cam on the bass amp this is pretty decent sound. And pretty much all we’re ever going to get from Bruce.